About Us

Top Gun Torches and Lighting are the official suppliers to the Victoria Police & Western Australia Police, and was established in 2007 by the late Don Balassone, whose dream was to successfully transgress into the law enforcement market by supplying the best quality of products and services for law enforcement personal in Australia and around the world.

Today, Top Gun Torches are a family run business owned by Pacer Power Tools and Batteries who share a similar dream to Don and wish to ensure the best quality of torches for not only law enforcement but for general members of the public.

Top Gun have supplied over 3000 torches to the Victoria Police, Western Australia Police and Australia Federal Police, generating additional interest in other states.

We stock an array of lighting & camping products that fulfill needs beyond law enforcement requirements. See our collection lists for all the different torches we have to offer. 

For any inquiries please contact:


info@topguntorches.com.au   OR  Phone: 1300 798 211

Thank you, we certainly hope you find what you're looking for. 

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